Say Hello to Scrambled Eggs


One of my favorite memories growing up was Sunday brunch with my family. During the week, breakfast was never a big deal in my house. For my brother & I, it was a bowl of cereal, a slice of banana bread or the occasional Pop Tart. For my parents, just a cup of coffee. Unlike lunch and dinner, it was never really a priority. Except … for Sunday. That’s when we’d all gather around the table for the world’s best scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and fluffy pancakes. Even today, it’s one of the highlights of my trips home.

There are plenty of scrambled egg recipes out there, but this one inspired by my mom’s is so simple anyone can do it. And since they’re such a good base, you can jazz them up with anything you want. I always add pepper, and sometimes chili garlic sauce if I want them spicy. Grated cheddar, chives, mushrooms — pretty much anything would be a great topping.

Easy Scrambled Eggs
– Eggs, about 2 per person
– Margarine or butter
– Cracked black pepper
– Toppings (chili garlic sauce, grated cheese, chives, etc.), optional
– Nonstick frying pan
– Calphalon Nylon Fork* or a wooden spoon

Crack the eggs and beat them in a bowl with a fork. Heat a good amount of margarine, about two large tablespoons, on medium-low heat. If you think that sounds like a lot, think again. Margarine is what makes them soft and creamy. When it’s nearly melted, add eggs and stir. Now here’s the really important part: keep stirring them until they’re as firm as you want. I like mine soft, so this takes less than a minute. I even lift the pan off the heat for the last few stirs. Immediately plate, season with pepper and eat.

Because these eggs cook very quickly the trick is get everything else ready first. Once the eggs are in the pan they need your full attention. Step away to butter the toast and you could end up with over-cooked eggs — and nobody wants that. Well, some people do, but not this guy.

scrambled eggs, crispy bacon & buttered toast

I paired my scrambled eggs with bacon and white toast (cut into triangles!), just like I had when I was kid. It’s easy, delicious and perfect for a lazy Saturday morning watching TV.

*Incidentally, this was a Christmas present from my mom last year.

3 Comments on “Say Hello to Scrambled Eggs”

  1. Renee says:

    Good recipe for soft scrambled eggs.

  2. Max says:

    Wait so you do margarine instead of butter??

    • egg me on says:

      I do! Mostly because that’s the way my mom has always done it — but I’ve also found that it melts faster and is a lot creamier than butter.

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