Eggcellent Stuff: March 2011

Here’s a collection of recent egg-related stuff that makes me happy.

Eggcellent infographic

culinaut, a simple guide to eggs

Food blogger Culinaut mixes recipes, photography and food-related designs, like this awesome infographic about eggs. Make sure to click on the high-res version to read all the great facts.

Eggcellent photos (and recipes)

sweet paul, spring 2011

Sweet Paul is a really cool online magazine that a lot of my designer friends love. In the Spring issue, there’s a 6 page article on eggs accompanied by amazing photographs. Check out the recipe for egg salad — great stuff.

Eggcellent explanation

the hungry mouse, brown vs. white eggs

My friend and food blogger-extraordinaire The Hungry Mouse offers a great explanation of the differences between brown and white eggs. You’ll definitely be surprised about a few things.

Here’s a taste:

What’s the difference between brown eggs and white eggs? Ask your grandmother, and I almost guarantee that she’ll make a strong case for one—or the other. But honestly? Aside from shell color, there’s not really much difference, at least when it comes to cooking. Nutritionally, all eggs are created (almost) equal.

And you can read the full story here.

Eggcellent gift idea

anthropologie, farmer's egg crate

Anthropologie (yes, the hippy-dippy lady store) is selling this stoneware Farmer’s Egg Crate, just in time for Easter. A special thanks to Flowers in May for the tip.


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