Eggsploration: Davis Square

the hangover

So I’ve lived in the Davis Square area of Somerville for about 2 and a half years now. Aside from the good mix of people (working professionals, college kids, families, etc.), one of the things I really love about this area is that there are a lot of good places to eat. So many in fact, that there are still a lot of places that I’ve never tried.

Recently, after watching a hilarious movie with some friends at Somerville Theater, we decided to hit up Boston Burger Company for some late-night dinner. It’s known for having a crazy assortment of burgers and fries, all served up in a tiny yet quaint space. The main wall is literally covered with burger options. But what really got me that night was one of their specials: The Hangover. A burger topped with ham, a fried egg and hollandaise sauce. It was a tad ambitious for 10pm — especially after devouring a bag of Sour Patch Kids during the movie and sharing a plate of fried pickles and classic fries with my friends — but what the hell? So I went for it.

the hangover exposed

Let me say this: it was HUGE. Covered in hollandaise sauce. Loaded onto a giant, toasted bun. Served with crispy potato chips. (And cole slaw, but I didn’t like it.) The burger was beefy and cooked perfectly. The ham, egg and sauce were great, and it really did remind me of a nice, hearty breakfast. I don’t know if this is something I’d order when I was actually hungover, but still. And did I mention it was huge? I could only eat a little more than half of it. (Now I know why my friends who had been there before decided to split a burger.) Sure, the hollandaise sauce was probably made from a mix, but who cares? It was darn good eats.

tuscan kale pizza

A week later I made a trip to Posto, I place I’ve visited before. Despite being in a space that’s had some bad luck, they’ve been making a good go of it for about a year and a half. Known for wood-fired pizzas and pastas, they have a lot of unique stuff on their menu, and surprisingly, two pizzas with egg. One cool thing about their pizzas is that they’re large enough to split with someone, but small enough that one person can eat it and not feel like a pig. (Speaking of pigs: they’ll fire up a whole pig for you and 15 of your friends!)

I decided to try the Tuscan Kale, with roasted kale (obviously), homemade fior di latte, smoked bacon, soft farm egg and caramelized onions. Honestly, the pizza was just okay. For some reason the bacon was in long strips. I think smaller pieces would have been easier to eat. The egg was good — not too firm, not too runny — the kale had some nice flavor and the crust had that wood-fired taste and a crunchy texture. I’m curious about their brussel sprouts, ham, bacon and egg pizza, which I might try next time.

On a positive note: My friends and I shared the Lemon Arancini and it was amazing. Seriously, I could eat a platter of those and be all set. The Gin Gin Mule was also a mighty fine cocktail.

Have a good tip for an egg-related dish in Somerville? Leave me a comment.


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