Perfect Sandwiches

hello cousin!

Growing up, my cousin Kevin & I had a thing for the TGIF sitcom Perfect Strangers.

I think it had to do with the fact that they were cousins who didn’t seem very alike but actually were (like us) — and who tended do wacky dances when they got excited (like us). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this.

So when my cousin visited last weekend, I thought these sandwiches would be the perfect (har-har) way to get us going.

And like us (and Larry & Balki) they were different yet the same: eggs, English muffin, bacon, cheese. But mine had some spice, and his was just slightly toasted. (And his seemed taller than mine, which is also true.)

We loved these little not-McMuffin sandwiches so much, we at them 2 days in a row.

Cue the Dance of Joy.

Easy English Muffin & Egg Sandwiches
– 2 eggs
– 4 slices of bacon
– 2 slices of white American cheese
– 2 English muffins, toasted
– Salt and pepper
– Cracked red pepper
– Cooking spray
– Butter or margarine
– Egg ring

Fry the bacon until crisp. Place on a paper towel-lined plate and set aside.

Crack the eggs into a small ramekins. Season them with salt, pepper and cracked red pepper.

cracked and ready to go

Heat a small pan on medium-low. Add some cooking spray. Place the egg ring in the pan and also spray it with cooking spray. Slowly pour an egg into the ring and let it cook for a few minutes. It should bubble and puff up a little.

bubbling away

When the egg is set, carefully remove the egg ring — the egg should keep its hockey puck-like shape. Flip it over and continue cooking until the egg is fried to your liking. Repeat this process to cook the second egg (or use a large pan to cook both eggs at the same time).

so not how mickey d's does it

To build the sandwich, butter both slices of the toasted English muffin. Add the slice of cheese, the fried egg and a few slices of bacon. You can also jazz it up with anything else you might have — some spinach, ketchup, onions, chili garlic sauce.

spicin' it up

Combine both sides of the sandwich and eat.

kev's sandwich

There’s nothing like a good breakfast to get you ready a day of sightseeing and family time, and these sandwiches certainly did the trick. Way better than the fast food drive-thru. (Although, as you can see, we still ran out for some iced coffee … )

Hope everyone had a great weekend like I did!


2 Comments on “Perfect Sandwiches”

  1. That first picture is just awesome. So is this sandwich.

  2. Caroline says:

    Love the egg ring. I used them often when I did the demos at Williams-Sonoma. Oh, and these are MUCH better than anything at mickey d’s. I agree with Greg, that first photo is perfect.

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